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Save time

With our AR platform, you’ll save time when you most need it. 

Enhanced content

Watch your static content come to life. You’ll be amazed by what AR can accomplish. 

Friendly support

Our support team is here to ensure things runs smoothly, so you can get on with other things.

Easy to edit

You’ll find our platform is ideal for quick yet important changes. It’s also simple to use. 

Innovation Leaders

We’ve been in the Augmented Reality business for 4+ years, and have been a leader in the AR field ever since. We take pride in sharing the  experience we’ve acquired. 

Quality Guaranteed

Cutting corners is not an option at our company. We do everything as thoroughly as we can, from the beginning to the end. No excuses and no shortcuts allowed. 

High Expectations

Strive for the top and you’ll reach it. That’s our motto, and our experience. We’ll work our hardest to meet your most challenging goals, every time. 


Rapid Development

Our rapid native app hosting is the fastest on the market . ALR's process is the easiest way to develop and host Augmented Reality  


Understand the data and usage from your app and what your users are engaging with most in timely ALR analytic reports

24 hour support

We're available and on standby to help with your project 24 / 7
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We are a team of researchers and developers that have come together to specialize in online design solutions for web, mobile, and online learning.


We offer "no coding required" solutions for clients that need custom websites, mobile apps, and online learning. Our team of experts takes a 360° view to assemble all the pieces — not just technology, but strategy, design, content, analysis, and support.

ALR  Solutions

There are so many businesses out there that need or want a mobile presence urgently. However, 78% do not have a mobile solution or mobile app for their business. Let ALR get you up and running.

We’ll also give you a QR code, which you can link to promotional material that allows everyone to download your content directly. This lowers every threshold and makes the download as easy as possible.
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